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...the story goes on
2006 "Reflections" album released
2004 "Legacy" album released
2003 G.C. Cameron and Joe Herndon join The Temptations
2002 Updated Edition of "Temptations" published by Cooper Square Press
2001 "Awesome" released

"The Best of The Temptations Christmas" released
2000 "Ear-Resistible" released, Fresh Hit "I'm Here"

Grammy Winner, Best Traditional R&B Recording
1998 "Phoenix Rising" Platinum Single "Stay" tops Billboard AC Charts for 3 months - biggest selling album of their career

"Phoenix Rising" nominated for Traditional R&B Vocal Performance; "Stay" nominated for R&B Vocal Performance by Duo or Group

The Temptations miniseries airs on NBC, number one in timeslots; "Anthology: The best of Temptations" jumps from 1400 to 4 for sales on amazon.com

Theo Peoples leaves, Barrington Henderson "Bo" joins
1997 George Jackson becomes President of Motown, understands The Temptations
1996 Ali Ollie Woodson is relieved of his duties and Terry Weeks joins in England mid-tour
1994 January -- "For Lovers Only" released - a collection of classic songs
Melvin's FINAL Recording with The Temptations "Life is but a Dream"
Melvin lapses into a coma, dies six days later

Bass singer Ray Davis brought on to complete the album
Due to health problems, Ray has to leave the group

Harry McGillberry "Harry Berry" joins
1993 Richard Street leaves The Temptations for the last time
1991 The Jones #4 R&B
June 1- David Ruffin dies of crack cocaine overdose, Eddie, Melvin, Ron, Richard & Otis sing "My Girl" at David's ceremony; last time Otis will sing with Eddie
October 5 - Eddie Kendricks dies
1990 "Soul to Soul" #12 R&B
1989 The Temptations inducted into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Last time Eddie, Melvin, Otis, David, and Dennis are together
Richard Street, Ron Tyson and Ali Ollie Woodson also attend

The "Now Tempts" hit the road 30 - 40 weeks a year

Dennis Edwards leaves for a 3rd time
Ali Ollie Woodson rejoins
1988 "Temptations", my memoir written with Patricia Romanowski, is published by Putnam

Showtime Special with the Four Tops shot at Hitsville and Roostertale, Detroit

Berry Gordy sells Motown
1987 Ollie out for lateness, Dennis Edwards back
Motown contract renewed

"I Wonder Who She's Seeing Now" features harmonica solo by Stevie Wonder
1983 Motown 25 Special, The Temptations & The Four Tops "battle"
TNT tour kicks off and still runs to this day

Lamont Williams dies in a construction accident at the age of 23.

Goldie and I get married
1982 Ron Tyson and Ali Ollie Woodson join The Temptations

Back to Basics - Norman Whitfield produces 5 of 8 tracks

Shelly Berger leaves Motown - starts own management firm
1981 Motown records "Reunion" album, launches national tour

Tour contract contingent on all 7 appearing in shows, David misses first 3 shows
1980 Otis visits his father, Otis Miles/Sonny One; Melvin comes along
1979 Atlantic releases last single from "Bare Back "
Terminates relationship with The Temptations

Louis leaves group. Dennis starts calling

Melvin, Dennis, Eddie, David meet in Philly to discuss a reunion; it doesn 't happen

Meet with Berry Gordy to rejoin Motown
Record " Power"
Miami Race Riots cause stations to drop " Power" from playlists
1977 The Temptations sign with Atlantic Records

Melvin shot by car thief, misses European tour
1976 Motown reverses the rights to the name Temptations to me and Melvin
1975 Concert in Manila
The Temptations sing "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" to Mohammed Ali before his fight with Joe Frazier
1974 "Heavenly" honored at the American Music Awards
The Temptations not able to attend, Motown President Ewart Abner's acceptance speech alienates disc jockeys, record gets little airplay

Goldie and I meet
1973 Ann & I end our marriage

August -- Paul Williams found dead of a self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head
1971 "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" 4th #1 - 2 million copies sold
March -- Eddie officially leaves The Temptations
Ricky Owens in for one show only
Damon Harris joins for 4 years
1970 My Mother, Hazel Louise Williams dies. We spoke before I left on tour.
1969 David Ruffin records " My Whole World Has Ended "

May -- The Temptations appear at Tricia Nixon' s Masque Ball at the White House
1968 David Ruffin relieved of his duties with The Temptations
Dennis Edwards invited to join the group

Dennis debuts with The Temptations at the Forum, break the Supremes attendance record of 20,000 by 7 seats

NBC Special airs " TCB: Diana Ross, The Supremes and The Temptations Taking Care of Business ", the first Black television special in history

Martin Luther King assassinated at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, a motel at which The Temptations had stayed, while touring
1967 Release " In a Mellow Mood", a collection of standards

I meet Ann Cain

July -- "Lots of Soul" album released
1966 Norman Whitfield arranges The Temptations songs for 5 distinct lead singers rather than one lead and a do-wop chorus

Introduction of the 4-mike stand which gives us more individual presence and facilitates our intricate dance moves
1965 " My Girl" first #1 selling one million copies
Choreographer Cholly Atkins builds moves around the singing
BBC Special "The Sound of Motown"
1964 "The Way You Do the Things You Do" #11

Josephine and I divorce
1963 Al Bryant is out, David Ruffin joins The Temptations
1962 None of the released singles hit
The Temptations release material under the name The Pirates
1961 Josephine Rogers and I marry
My son, Otis Lamont Williams is born. He was always known as Lamont
1960 Berry Gordy hears The Distants sing at St. Stephen Community Center; during a chance meeting in the men' s room, Berry gives Otis his TAMLA-Motown business card

The Distants leave Johnnie Mae Matthews, and she keeps the name!

The Primes deal falls apart. Eddie Kendricks and Paul Williams join the group, naming themselves The Elgins after the watch.

The Elgins audition for Berry Gordy
He signs the group but tells them to change the name!
1959 Otis hears Melvin Franklin sing with the Voicemasters
Asks Melvin' s mom if he can join The Distants
Al Bryant/James Crawford/Melvin Franklin/Richard Street/ Otis Williams record " Come On/Always " as The Distants on Specialty Records
1958 WCBH Joltin Joe Howard announced over the radio for Otis Williams & the Distants to get in contact with WCHB radio station. Johnnie Mae Matthews manages The Distants.
1956 I form a singing group with 4 other guys and try to break into the record business.
I endure my first process hairstyle, a "Tony Curtis."
1955 At thirteen, I meet James Bowman a.k.a. Red , an older kid who has his own singing group. I hang out and see what it' s all about.
1952-53 I make new friends, collect comic books, dodge gangs, ride my J.G. Higgins red and white bicycle, and decide girls are wonderful.
1951 Hazel brings me to Detroit to live with her and my stepfather Edgar Little in an apartment on Brush & Alfred.
My half-brother Allan and half-sister Denise born shortly thereafter.
1942-50 I'm raised by my paternal grandmother, Gooden, but my 1950 maternal grandmother, Lucinda (Eliga) also took an active role in my childhood.
1941 I was born October 30, to Hazel Louise Williams and Otis Miles a.k.a. Sonny One in Texarkana, Texas.
If you want to learn more about life with The Temptations, read the book titled "Temptations", or view the miniseries titled " The Temptations - the Unforgettable Story of one of Motown s Hottest Acts", click on Store for more information.
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