Temptations Day Proclamation

WHEREAS, the legendary Temptations, one of the most popular and influential groups in musical history, grace the Providence Performing Arts Center on this day to the delight of fans from across our region; and

WHEREAS, producing smash hits for more than forty years, the Temptations have successfully streered a course through the challenging waters of popular taste and fashion to arrive at a worldwide recognition achieved through enormous faith, perseverance, talent and an unwavering belief in the power and attraction of beautiful singing blended in seamless and exciting ways, featured in a string of hits that highlight this group's unique and exciting sound; and

WHEREAS, for four decades, tunes like "My Girl," "Get Ready," "Treat Her Like a Lady," "Cloud Nine," and so many others have been a soundtrack to the romantic lives of millions of people, as well as to some of the most tumultuous events of our time, earning the Temptations an iconic status that places them in the company of a relative handful of popular groups that have had a direct and enduring influence on our culture; and

WHEREAS, on this day the residents of Providence welcome the fabulous Temptations, and join fans everywhere in celebrating their achievements through the years, our warmest appreciation extended to members Otis Williams, Terry Weeks, G.C. Cameron, Ron Tyson, and Joe Herndon, and to the musicians, agents, technicians, and support staff who all help keep the enduring flame of the Temptations' music burning brightly in our hearts and souls;

Now, Therefore, Do I, David N. Cicilline,
Mayor Of The City Of Providence,
Hereby Proclaim Saturday, February 17, 2007, Temptations Day in the City of Providence.

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